Hiring our firm

In order to retain our firm, you will be required to execute an Agreement for Employment of Legal Counsel and pay an initial deposit toward the representation. The amount of the initial deposit will depend on the issues involved, the complexity of the issues and the time required for your case. However, most initial deposits range from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00.

The initial deposit will be held in our firm’s trust account. Each month, our firm sends clients a detailed statement outlining all work performed on the client’s case and showing the amount of the client’s funds-on-deposit that have been withdrawn from trust and applied toward the statements rendered. Upon the rendering of our statement, the client will be required to pay to us sufficient funds to replenish the deposit and pay the balance of any statement remaining unpaid after the funds already on deposit are depleted.

We will refund to you any balance remaining in our trust account, which is not needed to satisfy the balance of your account with the firm.