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Parenting Coordinator

The main objective of a parenting coordinator is to protect the best interests of the children. In North Carolina, parenting coordinators are neutral, court-appointed professionals – typically lawyers experienced in the field of family law or mental health professionals – who help parents handle high conflict custody cases. The parenting coordinator’s authority is set in the court order. The parenting coordinator may interpret the Custody Order and make decisions regarding its implementation as well as work with both parties to resolve disputes not outlined in the order. The fees for a parenting coordinator range between $150 and $350 per hour and usually each parent shares the expense of a parenting coordinator equally unless a Judge orders differently.

Every family dynamic is unique, and the success of parenting coordination depends on the effort each parent makes. When deciding to hire a parenting coordinator it is best to discuss it with a family law attorney. The attorney can most likely recommend a trusted parenting coordinator.

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Ryan M. Tarrant is certified by the State Bar of North Carolina as a specialist in Family Law. He is certified as a North Carolina Parenting Coordinator.