What Our Clients Say About Us


This review is coming a little late, but we had Dale Stephenson as our lawyer with our custody case and we cannot praise her enough! She was professional and guided us to the end and exceed our expectations! Hands down the best lawyer we could ask for!


Laura & Ann,

Words cannot accurately express my gratitude to Laura and all of the staff at Ward Family Law. I hired Ward Family Law in October 2016 and have worked with Laura for the past 4 years. My divorce was not an easy one. Laura has been by my side throughout the divorce and subsequent custody action. She has a sharp mind and a kind heart. I always felt a small sense of peace during a very tumultuous time knowing that Laura by my side. I wouldn’t wish divorce on anyone BUT if you find yourself in need of a family attorney…look no further. Laura Manfreda and the staff at Ward Family Law are the best of the best!”


Hello Ann, First of all I want to thank you so much for your time, compassion and help with my current situation!!


THANKS TO ANN AND LAURA FOR EVERYTHING…couldn’t be happier or more satisfied, and have already referred your firm to several friends


I highly recommend this law group. Especially Dale. She is very knowledgeable, responsive, kind and caring. She really wants what is best for her clients. I know this because she took great care of me and my family. She is very real and honest. She will fight for you in the most respectful way.


Thank you, Ann and Laura! I have appreciated the time, work and care you have shown to me in this difficult process. I am very grateful!


Thank you so much for everything. Really. I appreciate your support and thoroughness and I’m so grateful I had your support through this difficult process.


Laura represented me in a divorce in 2010. The divorce was settled through mediation, and she always made herself available for when I had questions about the process. I felt that she represented me well and provided great guidance. I was very satisfied with her representation and the overall results.


Linda has been my one and only attorney since 2008. I knew after our initial consult that she had my children’s (any my) best interests at heart. Linda is just as caring and kind as she is determined. Most importantly, she is SMART. She is a quick thinker and extremely detailed. She does not nickel and dime her clients! In fact, she worked just as hard trying to save us money as she did fighting for what we deserved. No one likes to go to court, but it is often times inevitable. I would not be caught in court without Linda standing next to me. I trust her completely. You know what else? I truly like her as a person. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone in need of family court attorney.


Thank you, Ann. I appreciate all the help you and Laura provided


I worked with Dale Stephenson, who I cannot recommend highly enough. Ms. Stephenson handle my case with superb professionalism with an outcome that far exceeded my expectations. Having had a previous lawyer that was less than capable Ward Family Law, and Dale in particular, was an absolute pleasure to work with them.


Linda Ward and her whole team helped me through the most difficult time of my life. She is an expert at helping people that own a business. It is very important to hire a lawyer that has experience in having businesses valued properly so that the settlement is fair to both parties. Her team also provided help dealing with the emotional part of the divorce. They were there to listen and help give perspective. When you’re in this process it’s easy to make decisions out of anger that just aren’t worth the money it would cost to pursue. I’m very satisfied in the outcome of the work she did!


Dale and her team were incredibly helpful and responsive while I was going through my divorce. They offered great advice and prompt services. If you’re looking for a great team who will put you first and help you through difficult times, this is it!


Linda could not have been better. I highly recommend her. I made a mistake hiring a different lawyer before Linda and paid the price.


Thank you for your continued help and support.


I cannot thank you and your team enough for your help throughout this process.


Ms. Dale Stephenson helped me successfully navigate a complex divorce. I am very thankful for her clear and direct style of communication. Dale guided me expertly and ensured that I received the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend Ms. Stephenson to any who finds themselves in need of Family Law assistance.


I first worked with Linda in 2008. She is unbelievably professional. She communicates clearly, honestly and realistically. I continue to highly value her legal counsel and have gone back to her time and time again. Even if i just have a quick question, she always takes the time to respond. She has proven she genuinely cares and thoughtfully approaches everything with the utmost care for her clients and their families. I don’t know where I’d be without her!


“… my thanks to you for all your support, attention to detail, compassion and on and on.  I always felt that you were totally and completely in my corner.”


Highly recommend Ward Family Law Group. Laura Manfreda was amazing and provided guidance and support when I needed it most.


Linda Ward’s Family Law group handled a very contentious divorce for me in 2013/2014. She was so thorough, kind, and straightforward in her guidance with me, and I was scared to death of the unknown. I can’t say enough good things about her availability, kindness, and no nonsense as well as her exemplary staff. You will not be sorry and will get what you should get.


Linda Ward and her staff are friendly, careful, understanding and thorough. I felt that I was in great hands. She guided me through the divorce process. I didn’t follow through with the divorce. She wrote A post nuptial agreement for financial security. It has worked out well!


As a father, I was very concerned about my custody rights concerning my daughter. Attorney Stephenson did an incredible job handling my custody case with an outcome that far exceeded my expectations. Ms. Stephenson presented a case so well organized and argued that the judge even commented on her professionalism at the conclusion of trial. In addition to her acumen in the court room, in the months of preparation for trial Ms. Stephenson served as an excellent council, imparting impeccable advice and always made me feel I had someone in my corner fighting for me. I cannot recommend Attorney Stephenson highly enough.